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Im gina, I just joined this community, obviously cause I love Geoff. Im fifteen, and from Massachusetts, mhm.

So yeah, I few weeks ago I heard a really old AFI song and I really liked it (not a fan of their recent stuff) and it happened that Geoff was currently in the band. What AFI CDs did he play on? Whats the best? And any suggestions on song downloads before I get the album?

Thank you.
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Geoff played on Dork EP, Behind the Times EP, Eddie Picnic's All Wet EP, Fly in the Ointment EP, Answer That and Stay Fashionable, AFI/Heckle split EP, Very Proud of Ya, and Bombing the Bay split EP. A majority of those are only records and are out of print. Answer That and Stay Fashionable and Very Proud of Ya are the only two that are full-length albums. They are still pretty hard to come by just casually browsing in a store, but are still available online and stuff.. and I would recommend them both. All of the songs are equally good, I guess. They do sound a bit the same though. If you are into that more "punk" sounding stuff, Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes is a lot different than their first few albums and does not feature Geoff, but is very good as well.
i could of sworn geoff's last album was shut your mouth.